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Armadillos, Bats, Birds, Chipmunks, Coyotes, Gophers, Ground Hogs Moles, Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks,& Snakes

Just Dial  855-699-4535  and National Dispatcher will direct your call to a ANYTIME WILDLIFE  wildlife control company closest to you.

You can also leave your name, city, state (province), brief description of your problem  and a local operator will return your call.. Its that Easy !!

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How To Market On This Site.

Anytime Wildlife's  Self Marketing Tool

This is website is  part of our 2012 New Product Rollout.

A profile that describes what services you and your company perform. Lots of room for expanded directories both county by county and city by city locations.

Blog your heart out, add photos , create photo slide shows using different labeled albums like "Bat Removal", "Attic Cleanup" and "Mole Trapping" etc. Add videos and your own audio files for your own web sites use and of course any of our Sites By Robb wildlife removal websites too.

Once we get this site up with plenty of photos , and good looking profiles I will add the Pro version to this site and we will have apps for any smart phone and tablet . 

Based on changes in web page rankings and recent  Google changes this is one of a few new marketing translation I will announce separately later.

1. Put in a good photo of  you or your company logo for a profile photo.

2. Add photos make separate photo albums. Add video (branded player coming)

3. Use text box on your profile to tell anything you want about your self and company . Use as much space as you think will hold the readers interest. You can embed video, audio what ever. its your page. This is a text boxt you are reading . Its easy. Look for the edit box and click it.

4. Ask for help.


The Wildlife Pro Network

March 2012 Blog Posts (2)

No Podcast with Robb Russell March 11, 2012

Its not bad news I am just busy and could either use the break or more time to work. 

The squirrels, raccoon's, armadillos , gophers are all active now here in North Florida. For those who have ever listened to my skunk removal podcasts over the last five years I finally have a skunk story to tell next year. I got  momma, 3 babies in a positive set using Kirk Dekalb's double cage and Scott Balt's AES 6 x6 Skunk…


Added by Robb Russell on March 10, 2012 at 9:21am — No Comments

Mosquito Control around your home

Mosquitos are the most feared pest in the world. Everyone at one time if you spend time outdoors will come in encounter with Mosquitos. They are carriers of various diseases which are transmitted to humans, pets, and horses. The best way to protect yourself from these diseases is to avoid getting Mosquito bites. Having Mosquitos around your home can get out of control if nothing is done. Wearing long pants, and long sleeved shoes and socks, while outside when Mosquitos are active can reduce…


Added by Anthony on March 5, 2012 at 2:04am — No Comments

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