Valentine's Day marks busy time for animal trappers

While Valentine's Day is always a busy day for florists and candy-makers, it is also a busy time for animal trappers.

Clay Oren of Fur-N-Feathers Wildlife Management told Nashville's News 2 the increase in business comes during this time of year as wild animals are mating.

"As soon as they get done mating, they're looking for warm places to stay at," he explained.

Oren said he and his business has been breaking up animals' love-fest for more than a decade.

Oren told Nashville's News 2 he got into the animal trapping business because of his love catching animals and relocating them wherever legally possible to a place that is considered to be more animal friendly.

According to Oren, mid-February is a popular time for animals to settle down and begin mating and sometimes this leads to wildlife taking resident in human homes.

"These animals are going to want to find a safe place to have their offspring," he explained.

Oren said the unwelcome critters can cause a substantial amount of damage.

"They can tear up the duct work. They can tear up the plumbing. They can chew on electrical wires. It's not uncommon for them to tear up the insulation," he explained.

Oren continued, "It's not the animals fault. It's just we got a lot of construction that's going on and they simply have nowhere else to go."

Oren recommends homeowners not to remove wild animals if they are found in their home since many animals can carry diseases.

For more information on Fur-N-Feathers Wildlife Management, visit their Web site.


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